[RHP] CDRs Mission Statement and Introduction

[RHP] CDRs is a limited edition record label releasing music made by producers whom do not primarily or solely consider themselves to be musicians or whom trained in a different area but have made considered sound based projects. We are also interested in the side projects of dedicated musicians. [RHP] CDRs is a tool for developing an expanded view of an artist’s or group’s thinking and working processes across art forms and genre’s; after all musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul on which they mightily fasten (Plato, The Republic, 111, 401). Visual artists are very commonly working in other areas of cultural production and the discipline applied to a studio practice lends itself perfectly to musical production. The pieces [RHP] CDRs release are not poor quality works made by armatures, we seek people whom are committed to the production of sound but do not strongly identify with or feel ill at ease with the titles musician, composer or band; we seek individuals and groups whom are aware that information and ideas can be distributed in various forms. Due to the nature of the label working closely with individuals on projects there is no specific genre that we identify with; instead we consider the relative sonic and aesthetic qualities of each piece we publish on its own terms. Further contextual information about each piece is logged on the [RHP] CDRs blog so that an exploration of how the release relates the artists regular production become possible for the audience.

 [RHP] CDRs release pieces semi-regularly; aiming to put out at least one piece per calendar month which are available to buy via online mail order, in independent record shops as well as at art spaces and galleries. [RHP] CDRs is artist focused; 75% of the profit from each sale goes to the artist and we cover all production, distribution and promotion costs supplying a genuinely rewarding experience for the artists we work with.

[RHP] CDRs is a division of http://www.ryanhughesprojects.net


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