To This I Will Declare – Album Available Now

Here at [RHP] CDRs HQ we’re busy putting together Cormac Faulkner’s CDR release which will be available at some point in early May.

Elsewhere; Cormac’s just released another album with a different Label! He made this blog post a few days ago and we highly recommend that you read the post, invest in the album and keep you eye’s peeled for some more information on Cormac’s [RHP] CDRs release coming soon!

Cormac Faulkner, Artist


I am pleased to announce the release of an album I made in collaboration with Ian Kinsella. It is a narrative album which uses adapted lyrics from traditional folk songs to tell a story. It combines cassette loop techniques and drones with field recordings, acoustic instruments and voice.

The album is released on our own label CORVID and features beautiful artwork by Stewart Easton. We have a limited run of 100 12″ records which have the full-size double spread artwork and each record has a unique photo insert and a free MP3 download of the album. Each copy is lovingly handmade by us.

The vinyl and digital versions of the album are available from our band camp page:

To This I Will Declare is set in Roslea in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland and is a re-imagining of the Red Barn Murder. The album was recorded in various locations…

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