OUT NOW: MortonUnderwood’s “Field Augmentation” CDR


[RHP] CDRs release for July 2013 is from the Worcestershire based duo MortonUnderwood [more information below] and is titled ‘Field Augmentation’. A performance based on these works will take place, potentially on Thursday the 18th of July in Birmingham to coincide with The World Listening Day Project. More information about this performance will appear on the [RHP] CDRs Blog and Facebook page once it is confirmed but for the time being we can recommend that you wear your walking shoes if you are planning on attending! 

MortonUnderwood work together as musical instrument makers and frequently perform together using the objects they have created. Recently they have been working on 3D printed mouth pieces for tuba and saxophone, have performed Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music at Birmingham’s Town Hall and have started “If Wet…” a monthly night of Sonic Exploration in a rural village hall. However, “Field Augmentation” is the first time they have worked together to make an album; it is a collection of six works all of which were made in a different location and have had a pre-recorded sound introduced into the space via a battery powered amplifier. The resulting works are field recordings of this process. 



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