[RHP] CDRs @ Supernormal Festival

We’ll be at Supernormal Festival at Braziers House in Oxfordshire from the 9th until the 11th of August, we’re very excited about it and we now have our line-up confirmed so you can get excited as well!


We will be sporadically appearing in the bar area (in a strictly professional capacity you understand) where we will be hosting a performance by Graham Dunning; based on his recent performance for us at After Peace Comes Doom this will be absolutely stunning!



Also playing will be Dr. Lisa Busby of Editions of You and Shit I can DJ fame! We’re not 100% sure what to expect from this but we’re sure it’ll be fantastic! Lisa has made projects and performed at Modern Art Oxford, Ashmolean, Goldsmiths University, Sound//Space Pop-Up Record Shop and at the SE London Zinefest.

Our Curator, Ryan Hughes will also be playing a DJ set of works made by artists we have or are due to work with.

In addition to this range of performance’s we’re currently working on a compilation CDR of artists we intend to produce full works by as soon as is humanly possible. We’re hoping this will be completed in time for Supernormal and that you’ll be able to pick up copies from us at the festival or from the merch stall… This is set in feature work by YPSMAEL, Sarah Farmer, Panagiotis Pagonis, Lena Paschen, Paul Walde, Balder- and maybe a few others!  

We’ll also be seeing as many other great projects as we can with the aim of trying to commission a work or two for next years programme!

You can find out everything you need to at: http://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk 


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