MortonUnderwood’s Event

MortonUnderwood’s event for World Listening Day which took place yesterday was fantastically well attended and enjoyed by all!



The event started with Sam Underwood and David Morton discussing their collaborative practice from inside MSFACs Studio at Friction Arts.



Sam and David then led us on a walk for a few roads to a substation with a naturally occurring pitched drone pointing out other auditory interests along the way!



The addition to this space was then played through a battery powered amp that was used in the production of MortonUnderwood’s recent “Field Augmentation” CDR. This performative element of the presentation lasted around 11 minutes. After this we headed back to MSFACs studio for a very informal Q&A and a beer or two!

You can buy MortonUnderwood’s CDR at: 


Thanks a lot to: Sam and David, all at MSFAC and all at Friction Arts as well as everybody at the World Listening Project and everybody that attended last night’s event! 



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