OUT NOW: Graham Dunning’s CDR

You can listen to one of the tracks at: https://soundcloud.com/rhp-cdrs/graham-dunnings-linby

You can buy the CDR at: http://rhpcdrs.bandcamp.com/album/graham-dunnings-permanent-location-archive-one 


Graham had the following to say about the work:

These recordings were made at a time in my life when everything felt a bit unsettled, uncertain, as a way of trying to introduce some stability.

I visited each place I have ever called my permanent home. At each location I walked the length of the street and timed myself doing so. This gave each track’s duration. I then took a photograph of the house in which I had lived, from the opposite side of the street, and took a field recording of the appropriate duration.

Back at the studio I traced the shape of each street from a map and made the lines cross at the point on the street I had lived: this is the diagram on the front cover of the release. I got the film developed then scanned in each photo. I mixed down each field recording to a second hand tape then back into a digital format. The photos and tracks are labelled only by street name.

It was important to me not to deviate from these rules, however arbitrary. Each step in the process has some personal significance in creating the final archive.


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