7 Days Of Sound Festival *Announcements*

The programme for 7 Days Of Sound Festival is now more or less completed and we shall be announcing various bits of information about it over the next week or so and printed programmes will be appearing a few weeks after that!

This blog post covers two projects which will be key moments of the festival.


The first project is a new commission by Mike Chavez-Dawson & Guests… and is entitled ‘The Reappraisal of Band(ism) & A bANdA dA as an ode to Hogarth’s ‘The Rakes Progress’ as an EP’ which will take the form of a new CDR; for the launch of this audio project, Chavez-Dawson will perform an ‘Inter-Texual-Vention’ lecture that outlines key works and performances of his past alter ego Robin Nature-Bold & Band(ism) interjected with observations of Hogarth’s ‘The Rakes Progress’. 

The second project we are announcing today is another commission; this one is by Holland based, German artist Lena Paschen which will be presented as a downloadable MP3 for the duration of the festival; this download will be linked to through the festival programme and a print based work in the exhibition which is central to the festival. Each individual piece from this body of work creates rhythm through heavily manipulated field recordings of everyday sounds such as alarms and drips. 

Information on the other projects from this festival will follow shortly so do keep checking back!





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