7 Days of Sound Festival Preparation: Studio Visits.

Now that preperation for 7 Days of Sound Festival is really underway we’ve began going over our archive, collecting together art works and objects that we will be borrowing for the exhibition and most excitingly making studio visits!


A few days ago we visited Birmingham International Transient Camp’s Benedict Davenport in his workspace a few miles away from Birmingham City Centre. Judging from what we saw you are not going to want to miss Birmingham International Transient Camp’s project at 7 Days of Sound Festival.


On 5/12/13 @ Althorpe Studios and Gallery from 12:30 until 16:30 Birmingham International Transient Camp are a loose band whom are actually closer to being a gaelic family; made up of Niall Rakhra, Amy Wallis, Benedict Davenport and Richard Scott whom get together regularly to play folk songs with a social history. Throughout the day Rakhra and Davenport will lead workshops, discussions and informal sessions. Bring an acoustic instrument along!   




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