Cormac Faulkner ~ Topophilia

Cormac will be making a performance based on “Topophilia” at 7 Day’s o Sound Festival on 7/12/13. For the meantime you can check out this review of the CDR! We still have copies available over on the bandcamp too!

a closer listen

TopophiliaWith a name like Cormac Faulkner, it’s no surprise that the Coventry artist displays a literary bent.  The rare lyrics found on Topophilia include a quote from Joyce and a song based on a centuries-old broadside.  Earlier this year, the artist teamed up with Ian Kinsella as Tailor and the Crow to create the vinyl To This I Will Declare, which placed adapted lyrics from traditional folk songs within modern drone settings.

The surprise is instead that Faulker’s solo interests are even broader.  Topophilia displays a love of landscape akin to that of Richard Skelton, while delivering a fine blend of folk, field recording and drone.  Stick with “St. Catherine’s Well” past the first three minutes and one will discover its true literal and literary depth; the track begins with the broadside, then descends into the dual well of water and emotional murk.  “Coffin Walk” was recorded…

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