Richard Crow, Gintas K and Institution of Rot in March!

In March [RHP] CDRs shall be working with Richard Crow and Gintas K on a CDR, an event in Birmingham and a performance for radio. There may also be an event taking place in London which is yet to be confirmed; this event will coincide with the launch of an official Institution of Rot website.

Richard Crow is a London based artist whom, in 1992 founded the Institution of Rot with writer Nick Couldry. The Institution of Rot was a key feature on London’s artist-led spaces scene throughout the 90’s and was included in the “Life/Live” anthology edited by Laurence Bossé and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Since 2009 the Institution of Rot remains an ‘active archive’; a kind of hauntology of recordings, objects, texts, images, people, and places. Crow works predominantly with audio, performance, and site-specific installation.



Photo Credit: Deivis Slavinskas

Gintas K has been active in the Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994 which has included playing in Modus, an important industrial/electronic band and was editor of the alternative radio show titled ‘The Ways and Mistaken Pathways’. Influenced by Fluxus, he has become known for sound actions, theatrical performances and conceptual art and was recently awarded the first prize in the Spanish Broadcasting Art competition.

The CDR we are releasing is an edited recording of a musical ‘coupling’ between these two artists which was originally developed with curator David Ellis. Ellis has said that it is a structured improvisation both digital and analogue, incorporating the lived experience of distance both geographical and cultural. Both artists ferret through their own unique personal archives of found Kodachromic family slides / pre-recorded short-wave radio material and specially composed sound in this live electro-acoustic composition, which derives from the shared memory of the Cold War.

For the event which is taking place at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’s School of Art on the 26th of March Crow will make a performance with the material originally used during this musical ‘coupling’ immediately after this performance there will be a public discussion around the work with Richard Crow, our curator Ryan Hughes and other practitioners and/or academics.

For the radio performance, which is going to be part of a larger [RHP] CDRs showcase, Richard Crow will be manipulating and re-combining a selection of sounds from his collection of personal field and archive recordings which have been gathered from around the year 1984. This will be taking place on the 21st of March on Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone show for NTS Radio.


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