RHP_Transcripts: Jake Watts

As a research unit [RHP] CDRs conducts a huge quantity of work which for whatever reason doesn’t result in any kind of resolved, public facing project; this includes being in constant dialogue with practitioners, academics, collectives and institutions from around the world. Throughout 2014 fragments from these discussions will be appearing online and in print as a part of [RHP] Transcripts.

The most recent in this series of text’s is by Edinburgh based researcher and artwriter Jake Watts. We originally published this work as an A5 publication as a part of our Post-Modern Plant Life: An [RHP] CDRs Artist Laboratory project in Leamington Spa’a Jephson’s Gardens, the following is only an excerpt.


Upon entering my eyes were drawn up to the canopy, flora and fauna amalgamated in an ascent towards the artificial environment’s glass cap. The prick, prick, prick of the plant’s perspired droplets descending into pools of stagnant water beside me echoed around the entrance. Between those intermittent punctuations the convection of industrial humidifiers droned onwards, suppressing the sounds of the insects to an indiscernible chatter.

It was while ascending one of the sloping ramps, which tangentially kissed the sides of the sloped spherical atrium, when I saw a lollygagging Vanessa atalanta, the Red Admiral butterfly descend upon an older woman’s arm.Her attention was focused on a macaw that was propelling itself across the enclosure, she didn’t see nor feel it landing on her bicep.


The remaining copies of the publication are available to buy (whilst stocks last) over at:



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