About RHP CDRs

[RHP] CDRs is a research, production and event programming unit committed to investigating the relationships between visual and aural practices within the contexts of contemporary art and experimental music. Founded by artist/curator, Ryan Hughes we work in close collaboration with a range of national and international practitioners to create a CDR and an event to contextualise the work each month.

In addition to these monthly activities we also keep an archive of materials which relate to both the artists we work with and the fields of sound art and experimental music more generally. We frequently present our works and items from within our archive through exhibitions, conferences, festivals and via online platforms.

[RHP] CDRs’ releases are manufactured by hand in a studio in Birmingham and are distributed via Editions of You, a distribution outfit housed within Goldsmiths, University of London. Working with various galleries, museums, arts centers, pubs and clubs allows our work to reach a variety of audiences which is crucial when the aim of the project is to increase public engagement with and understanding of contemporary art, experimental music and the increasingly common types of practice which exists between these categories.

[RHP] CDRs Curriculum Vitae:

Contact & Online Presence:

Arts Development Grant from Warwick District Council 2013.

Discography [Editions of 50 unless otherwise stated]:
KnifedOutOfExistence; CDR [Upcoming]
YPSMAEL; CDR [Upcoming]
Sarah Farmer; CDR [Upcoming]
Justin Wiggan / Roadside Picnic; CDR [Upcoming]
Richard Crow; CDR in collaboration with Bruno Glint [Upcoming] [TBC]
Elizabeth Veldon; 3 disc CDR set [Upcoming]
AAS; CDR [Upcoming]
Lena Paschen; CDR [Upcoming].
Mike Chaves-Dawson/Band-ism; CDR [Upcoming]
Svartvit; CDR [Upcoming]
The Zero Map; CDR [Upcoming]
Graham Dunning; Permanent Location Archive 1; CDR; RHP009; [Upcoming]
Various International Artists (Made on the Occasion of Supernormal Festival 2013); CDR; RHP008 [Edition of 40]
SMUT; a SMUT presentation of FOLK and PUNK Dialectical History; 2 disc CDR set in collaboration with TROVE ; RHP007 [Edition of 30]
Sam Underwood; Field Augmentation; CDR; RHP006; 1-7-2013
Plurals; You Are Aborting; CDR; RHP005; 4-6-2013
Cormac Faulkner; Topophilia; CDR; RHP004; 18-5-2013
Andy Hopkins; Blooming Under Lampshades; CDR; RHP003; 11-4-2013
Space Gambus Experiment; First Steps into Inner Space; CDR; RHP002;1-3-2013
Mr Messy; CDR; RHPDJ1; 1-3-2013 [Edition of 6]
Pete Wiseman; Swim; CDR; RHP001; 5-2-2013

7 Day Festival; Venue TBC; Leamington Spa, Warwickshire; December 2013 [Upcoming]
Basall Heath Biennale Salon; Cat Gallery / Basall Heath Academy of Contemporary Art, Birmingham; 27-9-2013. [Upcoming].
What is a Collective; MSFACs Studio @ Friction Arts, Birmingham; 19-8-2013 until 23-8-2013.
Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum Open 2013; Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum; Leamington Spa; 2013.

Events Programme:
Svartvit performance;MSFACs Studio @ Friction Arts; 6-11-2013 [Upcoming]
Svartvit performance; Althorpe Studios and Gallery; 5-11-2013 [Upcoming]
Svartvit performance; Bruno Glint or X Marks the Bokship (TBC); London; 1-11-2013 [Upcoming]
KnifedOutOfExistence, Carrion Sunflower and P.O.I. Tour Date; Althorpe Studios and Gallery, Leamington Spa; 18-10-2013 [Upcoming].
Graham Dunning Album Launch w/ Jo Thomas; Biddle Brothers, Clapton London; 22-9-2013. [Upcoming].
[RHP] CDRs DJ’s; Supernormal Festival; Braziers House, Oxfordshire; 9-8-2013 to 11-8-2013 Including: Ryan Hughes, Graham Dunning, Shit I Can DJ.
Cormac Faulkner’s ‘Topophilia’ Launch; Taylor Johns House, Coventry; 20-7-2013
MortonUnderwood Presentation; MSFACs Studio @ Friction Arts; World Listening Day Project; 18-7-2013
YPSMAEL Performance; MSFACs Studio @ Friction Arts; 28-6-2013
After Peace Comes Doom: Leamington Spa Peace Festival After Party; Althorpe Studios and Gallery; Leamington Spa; 15-6-2013
Andy Hopkins Performance and Exhibition; Althorpe Studios and Gallery; Leamington Spa; 27-4-2013
Curators Talk; Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum; Leamington Spa; 26-4-2013
Space Gambus Experiment Video Screening; Stryx Arts; Birmingham; 22-3-2013
Svartvit, Dead Wood & KnifedOutOfExistence UK Tour Date; Althorpe Studios and Gallery; Leamington Spa; 5-3-2013
Publish and Be Damned Fair 2013; ICA; London; 2-3-2013
Launch Party; The Hare & Hounds; Birmingham; 19-2-2013

Press and Publications:
Birmingham Art Map; Autumn/ Winter Edition
Ghost Fuck Zine Issue 4 / Supernormal Zine; Supernormal Documentation; pp.18; 12-8-2013
Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone on NTS Radio; Preview of MortonUnderwood’s “Field Augmentation”; 10 Minutes Duration from 1:50:00 – 2:00:00; 26-7-2013
FuturePast Zine Issue 5; Interview with [RHP] CDRs; pp. 12 -17; June 2013.
Info-Pak; 16 Pages with RHPDJ1; 1-3-2013 [Edition of 6]

Collaborations and Relationships:
Housed within the British Library Sound Archive [Upcoming].
Stocked in the Merch Tent during SUPERNORMAL Festival.
SMUT/MSFAC’s CDR co-released with TROVE.
Stocked by MortonUnderwood’s If Wet… at Carrow End Village Hall, Worcestershire.
Stocked by Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum during Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum Open 2013.
Stocked by Althorpe Studios and Gallery, Leamington Spa during Pete Wiseman’s Solo Exhibition and Andy Hopkins’ Performance and Exhibition.
Stocked by Norman Records, Leeds.
Housed within the Editions of You Collection within The Popular Music Research Unit at Goldsmiths University, London.
Distributed by Editions of You from within The Popular Music Research Unit at Goldsmiths University, London.


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